Why Furnishing And Styling Your Home Can Be Critical For Sale

I’ve spent countless hours in open homes and inspections as a fly on the wall listening to buyer comments.

I’ve found that way the home is presented, can make (or break) someone falling in love with your home. I’ve created a free e-book (more on that later) to share all of our best tips.

Now, if I’ve found this out by showing only a portion of buyers in the market, imagine the buyers who have viewed your property online.. and made the decision that your home isn’t suitable from their living room.

Welcome to online shopping. The retail industry has been flipped onto it’s head in the last 10 years. The consumer doesn’t have to try on the clothes to buy them.

Gone are the days that consumers need to walk into a store, touch, feel and interact with the clothes to first fall in love with them. They can now make the decision from the comfort of their own home, by how the clothing is presented online. That’s what consumers are doing when looking at your home on their computer or mobile device, they’re looking at the presentation, the home and what it offers, and then making a decision whether to commit to investing time into viewing the home.

The way your home is presented online is crucial to the amount of enquiries you will receive; and the final price. With technology such as video, 3D tours with Matterport and interactive floor plans, this is bridging the gap between the consumer and the home online. However if you go deeper to the core, the connection between a buyer and the home, the most consistent and effective way to present and showcase your home is through furniture staging and styling.

^Above: The stylists added two bar stools to the kitchen bench, instantly creating a new space in this home. Note, they have also added an outdoor setting outside. This image alone showcases three functioning dining spots (without styling, there would be none showcased).

Once only used for grand homes or new builds, the accessibility to have your home staged is easier and more affordable than ever before. With the demands of consumers looking to purchase a product with appeal and a place that betters their lives, the way your home presents online and in person is crucial.

No longer are real estate agents just a representative of the home, they should be advising their clients on the art of presenting the home to make it desirable for it to achieve the best price.

^Above: The stylists added a study nook into an otherwise empty space in the large lounge room. Note, they have also added an outdoor table on the front balcony. This image created three functioning spaces in the home (lounge, study nook and front balcony) – all which capture the stunning river views.

Furnishing just does that, spaces which may feel empty of boring, can be converted into useful and encouraging spaces buyers will relate to, and ideally, placing themselves into the home, falling in love. A room which might offers multiple uses can be defined through the right furniture targeting the right buyer demographic. Such as a vacant rumpus room can be staged as a kids playroom or a formal lounge room. A property that looks empty, can be brought to life through flowers, candles and soft furnishings.

Creating and highlighting features like eat in kitchens by adding stools under the bench top, creates instant appeal and can leave the potential buyers imagining themselves having that fresh cup of coffee and reading the paper while breakfast cooks. An outdoor area setup can be staged on grass, even if your home does not have a deck. Stylists can creatively add study nooks to otherwise unused areas; an almost essential requirement in new builds.

^Above: The stylists added a table and chairs on the front deck, a great way for our marketing team to capture the opportunity of sitting with a view and relaxing.

I find it crazy when I hear agents telling prospective clients not to do a thing, that the home will sell itself, to not spend any more on presentation. However, if buyers are judging a home online and comparing it to others that are similar, then isn’t it the agents job to advise their client to make their home a standout and ultimately the one people should purchase?

Ask your agent these questions:

  1. Do I need to do anything which will add value and increase my chances of a quicker sale.
  2. What are we going to call each room on the floor plan (Is it a rumpus, or formal lounge?)
  3. What tips can they give to help me present my home to market?
  4. You can download all of our tips from our experienced team at One Agency Launceston in our free e-book “Prepare for Profit” by clicking the link here.

Article by Josh Hart

Josh is one of Tasmania’s leading real estate agents with more than $220 million of sales to his name. He is known for his pioneering approach to real estate marketing which marries traditional methods such as print and signboard with disruptive new technologies, including digital and social media. This approach helped One Agency Launceston ta… Read more

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