New Town To Be Built Beside Evandale

“Let’s not be fearful of the future, but embrace and encourage” – Josh Hart

The recent article published in The Examiner Newspaper, Launceston has come with a mix of excitement and hesitation. The beautiful heritage from a bygone era, mixed with fantastic local school, football club, cafes and eateries, the Evandale Sunday Market and not to mention a vibrant community makes the village enclave of Evandale sought after by many.

Whilst any development creates change and nervousness, I challenge the community to embrace working collaboratively with the developers to really give Evandale the opportunity to thrive and enhance the features it currently offers.

Another suburb nearby would ultimately boost jobs and opportunities in and around the area, as well as economic benefits with more trade in the stores, and demand for services.

Local and state governments will have to provide extra services, enhance roads and access into the region. This is a huge positive.

In regard to housing, a considered development that complements Evandale’s unique fabric will increase the demand to live in this area, creating benefits of capital growth for homeowners.

Naturally, this is a 10-15 year plan, and just the beginning.

However, I leave you with this:

The most exciting element of this whole conversation is seeing a developer with a vision wanting to invest in our backyard and make this unique setting into something that will be for the community.

Let’s not be fearful of the future, but embrace and encourage.

Article by Josh Hart

Josh is one of Tasmania’s leading real estate agents with more than $220 million of sales to his name. He is known for his pioneering approach to real estate marketing which marries traditional methods such as print and signboard with disruptive new technologies, including digital and social media. This approach helped One Agency Launceston ta… Read more

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